Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Sew Like Sarah

The variety and level of work achieved by my students over this first great year has amazed me! I have also learnt a lot and we have had fun together each week.

This is just a sample -

1. Andrew completed a shirt block and made a toile from his personal measurements. He's now ready to create his ambitious styles.

2. Amy perfected her pattern for a marvelous coat ensuring the multi design lines matched perfectly.

3. Jemma has added to her stock of beautifully restyled vintage items for her online store.

4. Connor has started learning pattern making for the fashion industry and has taken to it with enthusiasm and a large foundation of sewing knowledge.

5. Madonna has completed her stylish adaptation of a commercial dress pattern and is perfecting her construction skills. She is moving onto draping next!

6. Kellie has been learning to make samples for her online children's

clothing business.

7. Marlise has made some lovely fresh summer dresses from her japanese design book. She has made them for family members as well as herself.

8. Carol completed a couple of pants and a dress which she adapted from vintage patterns. All lovely forties and fifties styles which suit her perfectly. On the way she also mastered cutting and matching a difficult plaid fabric.

Happy Christmas to you all and here's to an equally busy, varied and exciting year for 2015 at

Sew Like Sarah

Classes for this year finish up on Saturday 20 December.

Next years classes begin on Monday 12 January.

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