• Do you have any photos of the studio or of students work?

Yes have a look at the Photo Gallery.



• How many people are in the class?

There are a maximum of 4 in a group session and only 1 or 2 in a private lesson. See the How it works page. 

• My daughter would like to learn to sew and I am interested in pattern making. Can we go to the same class?

Yes you can as each student studies their own topics. See the How It Works page.

• I am a male beginner who is wishing to learn. I gather from reading from your site you can start at any stage.

Yes, you are welcome to start any time during the term. See the How It Works page.


• Wondering if you do night classes or weekend classes?

Yes there are classes on a Thursday evening and also on Saturdays. However they are the most popular and often booked out.

• What days do you offer your classes?

There are a number of days. See the How it works page.


• Whereabouts in Brisbane are you located?

In Tarragindi, not far from the freeway.

• Where will the classes be held?

In the lovely big studio which has a large pattern making/cutting table with domestic sewing machines and overlockers for you to use. See the Photo Gallery page.



• Could I learn the real basics (stitches, fabrics etc)?

Yes, I can teach you the sewing basics, and you can practise them yourself with close supervision. I can also teach you about fibres, fabrics and their properties and care.

• How many classes are recommended to achieve basic sewing skills?

6 – 8 lessons are good to think about. Then you can evaluate your progress and direction. See the How It Works page.

• I'm interested in learning how to make alterations to thrift store clothes and also rework and mend my clothes.

Sure! you can learn a lot about clothing this way.

• How do your classes work? Am I able to just do a few to learn the basics and then come back again and learn more skills as I get more confident or is it like a 10 week course?

I don't teach structured courses as such. All teaching is conducted on an individual basis, even within group classes. We work out your learning program together. See the How It Works page.

• Do you teach adult beginner sewing classes?

Yes I do.

• Do you have any classes that teach stretch wear sewing techniques?

Yes we can look at some stretch wear methods.

• Do you have open classes where students can work on their individual projects and get assistance?

Yes, that is a perfect way to work here. I can guide you with your projects and any techniques that you may need.

• I'm a beginner with a new machine and would like some guidance on the basics to get me going - reading patterns, choosing materials, basic techniques.

You are welcome to bring your own machine if you want to practise on that.

• I would like to be able to understand how to follow commercial patterns when sewing.

We can look at how to follow and interpret instructions.

• I am an intermediate sewer however I haven't touched a machine in around 6 years. I have quite a few garments that I would like help in altering.

Bring them in and we can start working on them!

• I can do basic sewing but I want to learn more advanced techniques such as lining a garment and sewing zips.

I have a number of step-by-step samples for you to learn more advanced techniques. We can also develop specific ones for your project.

• I am a fashion student needing help!

I can provide mentoring for student projects.


Pattern making

• Do you do pattern making classes? Would I be able to apply what I learn to my own sketches?

Yes I can teach you patternmaking. We can then work towards making patterns for your own sketches.

• I need to learn more about pattern making and fitting garments. I currently work in fashion and am looking to advance my current skills.

I can help you with whatever you need to upgrade your skills. You can come once or for a series of sessions.

• I would like to be able to draft patterns from existing garments, adjust commercial patterns to fit and maybe make my own patterns.

We can look at all those techniques.

• Can you help me with product development?

Yes, I can help you develop your patterns and samples and bring your ideas into fruition.



• I would be looking to develop skills in getting a good fit, measuring properly and making garments that look professional. I would also like to work on more complex projects such as making jackets.

I can help you with techniques which will allow you to measure accurately and achieve a good fit. There are also industry techniques that you can learn to make your garments look more professional.

• I want to learn how to take in a skirt and pants and make my clothing fit me as I am a small build. Would you be able to teach me?

Yes we can look at how to take garments in and make them fit.


What to bring

• Do you have a list of things I would have to bring with me?

It depends on your project but I have all the basics here that you will need to start off. You will need to provide fabric for your project and matching thread but we can work out together what you will need. I have calico, pattern paper and card, as well as a variety of threads.

• I am just not to sure what to buy fabric wise etc.

Bring your ideas in and we can discuss options.

• Am I allowed to bring my machine or do you prefer me using yours?

If you want to sew on your own machine that is fine. Just be aware that I may not be able to fix your machine! Bring the instruction booklet!

• Do you have to supply your own machine?

I have Janome domestic machines here as well as overlockers for you to use.



• How much are your classes?

All of the different pricing options you can find under the How it works page.

• How much is your private tuition?

Private lessons are $60 per hour. See the How it works page for the options.



• Do I just pay on the day or do I transfer the funds prior?

To secure your place you can pay the first lesson fee by bank transfer once I have confirmed your booking. See the How it works page.

• Final question - when can I start?

Now! As long as there are places available.


Please go to the Home page to check the current places available as it is updated daily. 


I look forward to meeting you!